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  • It’s Theatre Darling!

    Posted on September 21st, 2010 No comments

    Last week saw me in the world of theatre, split between the West End and Autograph.

    I started my week doing the fit up for Yes Prime Minister @ The Guilgud with Brew. The show is a modern play adaptation of the BBC sitcom of the same name! And if its anything like the Sitcom its should be some ‘very funny political satire’!

    The system (supplied by Stage Sound Services), was a basic Prosc system with fills to cover shadows caused by the boxes which were all EM Acoustics speakers. Delays and Front Fills were done with D&B E3’s, leaving the surrounds to some EAW JF80’s, all controlled by a Yamaha DME. FOH wise they had a DM1000 desk (talking to the DME on ADAT) and a Cue One Qlab System the same type as I was discussing building earlier in the year. Qlab fed into the desk on ADAT, and used RME interfaces rather than the cheaper Presonus ones we used in our design. They had opted for only the single KVM model, so a projector output was not redundant, but also not used in this show so not a real problem! AV wise there was Plasma screens on every level for a few scenes in the show when live cameras were shown to mimic the look of a TV interview. A projector was also used for a couple of scenes.

    The fit up took 3 days, although I disappeared for day 2 for a nice Christening, (only really missing rigging the AV) and besides a few labelling issues and confusion over what terminology everyone was using it was a nice simple fit up. Special mention must go to Tim’s excellent cable sniffing skills when hunting for the surround lines in the miles of poorly labelled old cables in the loft, with the help of my speaker tester! And when I left on Tuesday evening everything was in a good order for the tech rehearsal the next day. Good luck to Mark and everyone on the run, hopefully I’ll catch it before the end. My friend Tim Jones is off to review it in a couple of nights. so I’ll post his review as well!

    From here I then went to Autograph for a couple of days prep work on Mama Mia Paris for Tony Gale. Its been over a year since I have been in there, and handily they had moved there cable wall around so I was lost again! But after some helpful guidance from all, I was able to crack on with preping the large job (one of about 6 being preped at Autograph that week!). Tasks including drilling new holes for rigging, painting (well inking) speakers and inserting what felt like a million cage nuts into one of Autographs new ‘Daddy Racks’ (See Pics). On that last task, Matt at Autograph showed me a very cool but simple, cage nut insertion tool. A definite must have for everyone’s toolbox! I ordered one the same day!

    Anyway enough theatre for me, its back up North at the moment catching up on my washing, finishing up the dBS Solutions office IT Solutions (Pictures soon), before heading back to London on Thursday for a nice corporate job for Pete at Stagetex.


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