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  • North East to Middle East

    Posted on March 10th, 2011 No comments

    Showtime In DubaiWell after a great 3 weeks on Ghost I went up to Newcastle to join Tim Speight in a spot of the Yes Prime Minster tour which I helped install into the west end back in September. The show has been well adapted to touring, but it managed to keep its grand set, which is good as I thought it looked great in London, and would be a shame to loose. Sound wise its pretty much the same, EM Acoustics system as in the west end, with a DME system control, DM1000 desk and Cue One Qlab Rack. Tim and the team had got everything loomed together nicely, so it was a straightforward job to put in. Only complications were the video side that also fell on our responsibility, 6 plasmas and particularly the flown projector and the usual comms and cameras fun, but with a little fiddling we made it all work! In Newcastle they had a d&B Q7 rig installed so we used there main system, delays and subs with out front fills and SFX speakers, which worked really well, with access to there D12’s system delay processing combined with the DME worked painlessly. Hopefully I’ll do a few more of the dates on the tour as it comes round, nice couple of days! Well worth going to see if it comes to a theatre near you!

    From Newcastle I travelled straight to London for another CSE adventure! This time we were doing airbases in Oman and Dubai, and it was a mini tour so we just had 2 dancers, a duo band, 2 comics and myself and Spoons as crew with Claire Bear from CSE keeping us all together! It was a really brilliant group of people and had a thoughtfully lovely 5 days. We were first in Muscat in Oman where I must say the night flights this time round really messed with our body clocks and we looked like walking wounded arriving at the hotel! However a sleep by the rooftop pool soon fixed that! Both shows were outdoors and the temperature was a rather high 35 degrees! But the kit got setup and was working fine, while I fussed around checking dressing rooms and fixing drapes! I was all analogue for this gig, with a Venice and 2 stacks of Meyer (still not a big fan!), which all sounded fine. Show went really well, and everyone who we spoked to seemed to really enjoy the gig. it was then back to the gig for some post gig drinks, which turned into quite a few post gig drinks and I was downstairs the next day looking at my hotel bar bill in disbelief!

    Then off to Dubai via an hours flight which a 5 minute track looping track of Pan Pipes (joy!). When we got there we had the day off so while the girls went shopping, I went to see my good friend Damo “2 Lamps” Jackson who lives out there working for Dubai. It was great to see him, and see a bit more of Dubai than just my hotel room, and the road to the airport. Had a few drinks in possibly the most unirish, Irish bar ever (when do Irish bars have palm trees??), and then back to meet up with the team for a curry. The show the next day was with Rob from Delta Dubai again so the gig went without a pitch, I had two stacks of dVDosc and an SD8, which I quickly picked up again. While I still think for one day gigs its just a little too complicated to operate quickly (can do too many things), there was no denying it sounded superb, and for that reason alone i can’t wait for the next time i get to use one! So nice!!

    Anyway the next day we went home (with more pan pipes!), and that ended a really great tour, did some great shows and had some awesome laughs with everyone, lets all do it again soon!

    For now I am off to design CODYS Productions version of High School Musical in Runcorn… Cheesetastic.


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