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  • Ghost London

    Posted on June 18th, 2011 No comments

    So now back in the Piccadilly ready to get Ghost into its home for hopefully a few years to come! As I said previously in my post about the get out, the system has changed in areas to allow it to fit better into the smaller Piccadilly. The LM’s and LC’s have been swapped out for Meyer products (M’elody and M1D), which allows for us to loose a number of amp racks, as sub stage is tight!

    The L’Acoustic 108 surrounds have been dropped in favour of smaller E3’s and E0’s, and a second row of delays in the stalls has also been dropped. Most of the delays and surrounds were already rigged when we arrived which was good news, although I was given the task of putting in some of the cable, which involved some void work (small gaps between tiers of the theatre). While I am not claustrophobic, I don’t quite have ‘the frame’ for void work, but none the less I soldier on! I spend quite a bit of week 1 in voids. I even squeezed through some holes that 13 year old me would be proud of!

    The pit is nicely split with 2 extra rooms for drums and strings which should make isolation really nice. FOH was given a new kitchen worktop. All in all it looks very pretty and amp world is much neater than Manchester. I was listening to the MADI recordings of the show and I must say it sounded fantastic.

    Previews start from June 24th, get your tickets now.