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  • Yes Prime Minister

    Posted on September 9th, 2011 No comments

    So I rejoined the Yes Prime Minister tour for its last 4 dates afterwhich it then moved into the West End. I would also be rejoining my good friend Andrew Fugle. Since leaving LIPA we haven’t ever been able to work together mainly due to Andy’s hectic touring schedule! But we were both looking forward to a good catch up and reliving some old times.

    Just as a recap system’s wise we carry a full pros rig, fills, delays and subs. Although we will tie into house systems where possible. All of the speakers are EM Acoustics speakers. On stage there is 2 Control 1’s for spot FX, and the system was controlled via a DME 24 with a Yamaha DM1000 taking on the mix duties. The majority of the show is playback from a Cue One Qlab system, although there are some float mics and for the larger venues 8 ways of Shure RF. All of which is supplied by Stage Sound Services.

    In addition to this as I discussed previously there is a video element to the show also run off Qlab which we rig; this includes a projector, 6 plasma screens and 2 live cameras. We probably spend more of our time sourcing positions and trying to get the quirky plasma screen brackets to hang straight! But although these are used a few times during the show they generally get the biggest laughs and are very cleverly used. So its worth all the sweat and swearing.

    Everything is still generally all packed nicely and quickly flies out of the boxes and into action. In Northampton, Richmond and Cardiff we were able to use elements of the in house systems, in Cardiff in fact we used the house system completely! However in Glasgow we ended up rigging the whole system as there in house boxes weren’t really up to the job, thankfully getting positions wasn’t too difficult. It’s amazing the different sizes of venue this show goes to really, from the small Richmond theatre to the frankly incredible Cardiff Millennium Theatre! Everything went according to plan and it was nice to get some proper hands on experience with the DME, which for this gig works really well in allowing us to switch between completely our own system, completely a house system and every combination in-between and giving us full EQ, delay and matrixing control . There were no drama’s really on the final few moves and bar a few comms tweakings there was no reported issues during the runs. So a job well done!

    After Cardiff me and Brew reunited to bring Yes Prime Minister home to London after 6 months on the road. Time has gone by very fast and it only seem’s yesterday we were both putting it into the Guilgud. The only added extra’s from the tour package were some surrounds which were kindly left in by Stage Sound Services from there last show. As the show design (both in Qlab and DME) was derived from the original west end design, adding these back in was no drama. It was our full system (no delays), and we spent alot of time trying to get the Plasma screens right (working out seat allocations etc), but we got it looking (and of course sounding!) very sweet.

    Opening night ran smoothly and I must say that I was quite touched at getting bought a bottle of Port by the show crew to say thanks for my hard work! Although felt bad that Tim Speight who had done most of the moves didn’t get one! I owe you a drink Tim!

    It’s been a pleasure to work with the company of Yes Prime Minister and had some great laughs, especially in Glasgow (where I had a trip to Edinburgh and on the second night friendly chippy Lez taught me about Whiskey) and Cardiff. All that is left is to say good luck to the cast and crew in there final run, and if you haven’t seen the show you should get down and see if before it closes.